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Welcome to Quit Smoking Milton Keynes

At Quit Smoking MK, we offer smoking cessation using low level laser therapy.

I have been trained by a highly regarded specialist in the field, Anne Penman.  Her centre in Glasgow, was the first to offer Laser Treatment to help smokers quit and she has helped thousands of people give up smoking since she started in 1992. Her method is now used internationally with great success.

Smoking cessation using laser therapy is the most advanced programme to help you quit smoking as it combines laser treatment, counselling, support and motivation.  Laser treatment is safe, non-invasive, drug free and painless, and you are nicotine free after your first session.

Anne Penman’s technique has a recorded success rate of 64%, which is exceptionally good compared to most other techniques. For example, nicotine patches and nicotine gums have a success rate of 5-10% - and will cost you more.

This is your big chance to stop smoking – for good.

For the treatment to be successful you need to want to stop smoking.  If you are still not sure what to do, have a look at Thor Laser to find out more about giving up smoking (

How does the treatment work?

I apply the laser to specific energy points located on the hands, ears, nose and wrists. This helps to stimulate the release of endorphins, which helps to reduce cravings.  It is believed that nicotine releases endorphins to the smoker giving a sense of relaxation. When you stop smoking, the sudden drop in endorphin levels can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Using the laser therapy when you stop smoking will either greatly reduce or completely eliminate these withdrawal symptoms.  This will also help reduce stress and restore balance.  

Does it work?

The programme can help anyone to quit cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco products.  I use techniques that have been proven to work and the laser therapy programme has shown a 64% success rate.

How long are the sessions and how many will I need?

The programme consists of three sessions.  On your first visit, I will go through some important things with you. Guidance focuses on self-belief and positive thinking. I help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking. During your session I will discuss your lifestyle, the role smoking plays in your life, when and where you smoke, the factors that lead you to smoke and your dependency level.  I will offer you a nicotine addiction test to help you understand your level of addiction and a carbon monoxide test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide currently in your lungs and blood stream.  I use the carbon monoxide monitor as a motivational tool to help track your success.  Your first session usually takes an hour and at the end of this, you will be a non-smoker.   

A second session will be scheduled for 2 or 3 days later after which the nicotine levels have been reduced to that of a non-smoker.  You may experience a few withdrawal symptoms (see below) so this booster session will help to keep you motivated and reassured.  The third (and usually final) session is scheduled for 1 week later.

Side effects

There are no side effects to having laser therapy. It is safe, non-invasive, drug free and painless. However, due to nicotine withdrawal from your system, you may experience some of the following symptoms in the first week. They vary from person to person:


Irritable, bad tempered



Poor concentration



Sore throat, dry mouth, sore tongue

Constipation, gas

Post nasal drip

Tightness in the chest

After these initial symptoms, you will start to experience positive changes.


24 hours - carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body and your lungs will start to clear out the mucus.

48 hours – no nicotine is left in your body and taste and smell will improve.

72 hours – your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase.

2 – 12 weeks – your circulation improves making walking and running easier.

3 – 9 months – coughs and breathing problems improve as lung function improves by 10 %.

5 years – your risk of heart attack falls to half that of a smoker.

If you smoke an average of 20 cigarettes per day at £7.87 per pack, you will save £236 in the first month and £2833 per year!  

This is your big chance to stop smoking – for good.
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If you smoke 20 cigarettes
@ £7.87......

Save £236 per month......
         £2833 per year......

     Food for thought